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Commercial and Residential Landscaping Services

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living includes all those elements that make it possible to enjoy more time out of doors year-round, either on your own, with family or with friends: outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces or firepits, patios, decks, plantings, ponds or fountains, etc. The features that you’ll need to create your outdoor living space depend on the activities that you and your family enjoy.

If you enjoy: Then you’ll want to consider adding:
Dining with family A patio/deck space with comfortable outdoor dining table and chairs and added room to move around or to just sit and relax in lounge chairs (see our DECKS/PATIOS page for more info)
Entertaining friends An outdoor kitchen with bar, mini-fridge, grill, sink, cabinets, tables and seating for friends in a spacious patio/deck space (see OUTDOOR KITCHENS below)
Relaxation An outdoor “room” complete with paver patio, outdoor furniture, screened with plants or structures for privacy and noise reduction, and a small fountain providing the soothing sound of running water.
Observing birds or other wildlife Planted borders or garden areas with trees, shrubs and perennials and a suitable water feature that can provide food, habitat and water for the type of wildlife you want to see with a seating area nearby (but not too close) for observation.
Night-sky gazing A patio/deck area without overhead canopy arranged with firepit for cold clear nights and comfortable outdoor lounge chairs.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens

Your outdoor kitchen can include all of the features and space you need whether you plan to entertain guests or just enjoy being outdoors cooking and dining with your family. We can install any of the following outdoor kitchen elements:

  • built-in grills, ranges, cooktops, ovens and warming drawers
  • built-in or undercounter refrigerators
  • ice makers
  • undercounter wine cellars
  • dishwashers and trash compactors
  • cabinets, carts and countertops

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your outdoor living space has many benefits:

  • Located near your indoor kitchen and dining area, an outdoor kitchen increases the amount of space you have for dining and entertaining so you can invite more guests.
  • You'll have more time to enjoy being outdoors AND be able to visit with family and guests because you won't have to leave them while preparing and serving food and beverages.
  • Decks and patios can be designed to coordinate with and function as extensions of the outdoor kitchen to give family and guests space to relax, eat and drink, or just to enjoy the great outdoors. (See our DECKS/PATIOS Web page for more info.)
  • The design possibilities for your outdoor kitchen are endless! Your custom design can include as many or as few features as you need for your dining and entertaining needs.


Coming home from a long day at work, the evening forecast is warm but mild with temps dipping a bit after the sun goes down. What a relief it will be to get home, go out on the deck, pour a nice cool drink, fire up the grill and put on some spuds, a few steaks or hamburgers and maybe some fresh veggies from your garden. Fixing dinner won’t take long and you and your family will have more time to relax and unwind because everything you need is at hand with the outdoor kitchen you had installed – drinks, ice and condiments in the mini-fridge; glasses, plates, utensils in the cabinets; plenty of counter space and sink for dinner prep – no need to dash back and forth indoors to grab the steak sauce or a serving platter or more forks and knives and so on. Dinner is casual and relaxed on the patio that adjoins the deck as everyone shares events of their day. Dessert might be a bowl of ice cream with berries the kids picked from the garden. After dinner, the adults stroll across a green expanse of lawn to start a fire in the fireplace and the kids can play volleyball until the sun begins to set. Then everyone can gather round the fire to roast marshmallows, bundle up in blankets on lounge chairs and watch a blazing sunset become a blanket of stars - the perfect end to a perfect evening.

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Outdoor Fireplaces


Would you like to relax outside with friends or family on those cool evenings after the bugs are gone? Well, you can. Let us install masonry fireplaces or firepits to extend the outdoor season for entertaining guests or just lying under the stars.

There are a wide variety of styles and materials to choose from. We can help you select a style and materials for your fireplace or firepit to suit your needs, your home and your landscape. To see some of the many available fireplace design ideas, see Belgard’s Web site or click on the logo at right.

Outdoor Fireplaces

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Outdoor Rooms

What is meant by outdoor rooms? An outdoor room is created when you enclose or define the vertical, overhead, or horizontal boundaries of an outdoor space using hedges, privacy fencing, pergolas, arbors, pavers, retaining walls, etc. Generally such an enclosed space would include elements representing (or implying) walls, floors and even ceilings. For example: the ceiling of an outdoor room could be defined by the overhead canopy of a shade tree, the floor by a paver patio, and the walls by a low hedge surrounding the space with openings for access into and out of the “room.” If the function of this room is to be outdoor dining, this room could include a table and chairs, an outdoor kitchen or island with grill, refrigerator, storage, and prep space.

And, just like your indoor living space, these outdoor rooms can be large or small, formal or informal, and can include many different features. An outdoor room can function as:

  • An intimate, quiet space with a firepit where you and your family can rest and relax on pleasant evenings.
  • An outdoor dining area with a paver patio and enough room for the grill or outdoor kitchen, furniture, your family, and your guests.
  • A shaded, secluded spot used for reading, exercise, meditation, or watching wildlife.
  • A particular spot in your yard where you like to sit and enjoy watching the sunset, admiring the panoramic view of the surrounding hills when the leaves are changing color, or just gazing at the stars in the night sky.

Depending on the size of your yard and the functions you need, you can have one or several outdoor rooms. Or, a single sizable area can serve several functions during different seasons of the year. The choice of function and features for your outdoor room is up to you and what activities you and your family enjoy.

The types of outdoor rooms and the combination of elements that make up the walls, ceilings, and floors are limitless. The enclosing elements can provide as much or as little screening as you desire.

  • Walls can be implied using low stone walls, short or tall hedges, climbing roses or vines on a trellis or pergola, privacy fencing, etc.
  • Ceilings of an outdoor room can be an awning or wooden roof, or they can be implied by the canopies of trees or vines growing on a pergola or arbor overhead.
  • Floors can be made of living or nonliving materials. Turf or other groundcovers can create a soft, quiet floor covering. To accommodate outdoor kitchens or outdoor furniture, a paver patio can provide a solid, level surface that is not only attractive but quite durable.

Most importantly, outdoor rooms can be designed to suit your needs and, at the same time, can enhance the beauty of your yard and the value of your property.

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