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Dry Stacked Stone

Dry Stacked Stone

Why build a dry stacked stone wall?* Dry stacked stone walls can be constructed to function as retaining walls or as free-standing walls. Dry stacked stone walls can be formal or informal in style to coordinate with plantings or other structures in your yard. They can be constructed of natural or manufactured stone. When retaining soil, a dry stacked stone wall has the advantage of becoming stronger as it settles in time and it allows water to seep between the joints avoiding the added cost of drainage systems. You can have dry stacked stone walls constructed at any time of year – which can help with your budget if you choose to have the work done in colder months when there is little or no other yard work needed.

As a RETAINING WALL, a dry stacked stone wall can:

  • Help resolve drainage/erosion issues
  • Create more useable space for outdoor recreation, dining or entertaining
  • Add structure to the landscape

Free-standing walls are one of the best ways to add year round interest and structure to your landscape. They can be added to a landscape to provide:

  • Screening for privacy
  • Screening to block unsightly areas or offsite views
  • A windbreak
  • Definition for the walls of outdoor rooms (click here for information on outdoor rooms)


Stone suitable for dry-stacked walls is available in a wide array of styles, shapes and colors and can be installed in varying patterns to suit the style of your home or business. To see examples of available stone, visit any of the links below:

* “Dry stacked” means there is little or no mortar between the layers of stone or block.


Historically, in areas where rocks and boulders were fairly common, it made sense to use what was at hand to build fences and walls. Walls could become buildings or enclosures. Building a fence or short wall around a field served more than the purpose of enclosure – stacking the existing stone around the edges of a field was an easier way to clear the land rather than transporting them off site.

Here in Roanoke, VA, and the surrounding area, stone is a natural part of the environment; it’s something we are used to seeing. So, when a stone wall or fence is built (especially if made of natural stone), it looks like it belongs. Similarly, manufactured stone is usually given a natural stone or brick color so that it coordinates with other buildings or structures.

Stone walls in the commercial landscape often serve some practical function. More often than not, they are retaining soil to prevent erosion or to provide a more level space for buildings or parking lots.

In a similar way, your yard might benefit from retaining walls if you have slopes that make it difficult to mow or to walk around your yard. You may have erosion / drainage issues or you might like to have a more level area for installing a shed, patio, deck, or parking space.

You could also choose to have a free-standing wall installed to lend a sense of enclosure that divides one area of your yard from the rest. This wall could help screen an unsightly view or it could be used to enclose a planting bed.

Whether you need a dry stacked stone wall for a practical reason or not, natural stone has an ornamental value in the landscape. The color of the stone lends some variety to planted areas – a contrast to the dark greens of evergreens or the bright green of turf grasses – giving plantings a back drop. When it rains, the stone’s color will change a bit adding to its interest and variety. After deciduous plants have lost their leaves and evergreens have turned darker green or deep brown or rust, your stone wall will likely be more visible and lend even more interest, structure, and definition to your winter landscape.

Your stone wall can be constructed of materials that will coordinate with the stone or brick of other elements – the walls of your house, pavers or flagstone used for walks, and so on – so that the wall adds to the uniformity of your landscape design as well.

If you’d like to discuss having a dry stacked stone wall installed as part of your landscape, contact us or call us at 772-4722 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Citation: Halpin, Anne. Homescaping: Designing Your Landscape to Match Your Home. Rodale, 2005.

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