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*Hydro-seeding estimates
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Want a water feature in your yard but don’t have space for a pond? Consider adding a pondless waterfall to your yard – requires less space and is less expensive and easier to maintain than a pond. Contact us or call 772-4722 for a free estimate today.

Ponds / Fountains


Small or large ponds, fountains, waterfalls, or other water features are eye-catching elements in any landscape. In addition to their visual appeal, ponds, fountains, and waterfalls have a lot to offer a yard or garden.

  • If you are a homeowner that wants to attract more birds and butterflies to your yard, a pond with a fountain or waterfall is a must-have addition.
  • With a pond, pets can enjoy wading in on hot summer days.
  • You can enjoy aquatic plants and fish in your pond or fountain.
  • Fountains and waterfalls with their splashing water delight children of all ages.
  • The soothing sound of running water is yet another way to add more interest to your landscape.

We can custom build ponds with fountains or waterfalls or ponds without either. We can also build fountains or waterfalls without ponds. The styles, materials, and combinations are limitless.

If you’d like to add the beauty and charm of a water feature
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Beauty – When you think of picturesque locations in nature, chances are your list might include some famous waterfalls. People venture far and wide to take in these magnificent spectacles of nature. Why not add some of that beauty – on a smaller scale – to your own landscape?

Variety - By adding a pondless water feature to your yard, you are also adding variety to your landscape. You’ve introduced the elements of water and stone to the existing trees, shrubs, and other plants or features in your yard. (The sound of running water also attracts songbirds, so you have the potential for even more pleasing sights and sounds from these visitors with your new water feature.)

Interest – A water feature – whether small or large – adds interest to a landscape. The sight and sound of water draws your attention to the water feature. If your pondless waterfall is relatively large in size – and, therefore, more dramatic - it can be viewed and enjoyed from different areas of your yard. If it is located in a secluded area of the garden that is used for quiet contemplation, your water feature can be smaller in size welcoming you with the gentle sound of flowing water.

Low Cost/Less Maintenance – Compared to a pond (with or without a waterfall), the installation and yearly maintenance for a pondless waterfall is quite low – fewer, if any, chemicals needed; fewer rocks; less water; and no fish to maintain. That means you’ll spend less time (and money) maintaining it and more time enjoying your water feature. You’ll just need to monitor the water flow and add water to replace what has evaporated. (In winter, you may also want to remove the pump and store it in a bucket of water in a garage or other indoor area where the water won’t freeze.)

Safety – If you have children, a pondless water feature is safer than one with a pond. And, because there’s no standing water with a pondless waterfall, you won’t have to worry about creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes.


People are naturally drawn to water. If there are no other sources of groundwater in your landscape, a fountain is one way to add the pleasing sound and motion of flowing water to your yard.

A fountain also adds variety to a landscape. The fountain’s design can contrast or blend in with its surroundings. It can be formal or informal, ornate or simple, figurative or abstract.

Also, the spray pattern can add more or less sound depending on its design. For example, if your fountain is to be situated near a large grouping of ornamental grasses that provide a gentle sound whenever there is a mild breeze, you may want to consider a spray pattern that provides very little sound at all.

A few important points to consider before installing a fountain (or other water feature) to your landscape:

FOUNTAIN VS GARDEN- The size and style of your fountain should be chosen to suit the size and style of the garden area where it will be situated. For example, if the garden area is small with verdant plantings, the fountain should be proportionate in size and simple in design. If the garden is formal in design with large open spaces, you will likely want a larger fountain with a formal design. (The size of the fountainhead should be in proportion to the pool in which it is situated as well.)

VIEWING ANGLES- Where will the fountain be viewed from? What is beyond the fountain from this vantage point? Is it scenic or unsightly?

MATERIALS- Choose a fountain that is made of a material (concrete, metal, stone, tile, etc.) that suits the style of the garden as well as other elements such as outdoor furniture, walkways, etc. Will the fountain be electric or solar-powered? (If you want to enjoy the fountain at night, solar might not be appropriate.)

MAINTENANCE- You’ll want to follow the maintenance steps outlined in the owner’s manual to avoid costly repairs: check water level regularly, check and clean pump regularly, etc.

To discuss installing a fountain to your landscape, contact us or call us at 772-4722 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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