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Hydro-seeding estimates are now 10% off.
*Hydro-seeding estimates
are now 10% off.

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Commercial and Residential Landscaping Services

Summer’s here! Do you need help with mowing, trimming, weeding, pruning, mulching, or other landscape service? Contact us today for your free estimate or call us at 772-4722.


Services Read below for a brief overview of the services we provide or click on the highlighted links for more information.

DESIGN BUILD INSTALL – We provide expert design services, experienced hardscape construction, and professional plant installation to suit your needs, your style, and your home or business. Once you have approved our design and/or estimate, we can build the hardscape features and install the plant materials in a professional and timely manner, so you can begin enjoying your new landscape or outdoor living space right away.

  • LANDSCAPE DESIGN – We can create a plan that optimizes landscape design and plant selection with your needs, desires, and budget. Your design can be as simple as a single planting bed or as large as your entire landscape.
  • BUILD SERVICES – If you want to add stone or wood elements to your landscape, our expert staff has the skills and experience to design and build paver walkways, stone walls, paver patios, decks, and more.
  • LANDSCAPE INSTALLATION – Whether you need new plants or are replacing existing, we can help with professional installation. We also install sod, or if you have a large area, we can seed or hydro-seed.

SEEDING/SOD INSTALLATION – Does your lawn look as good as you want it to? We offer seed and/or sod installation to establish new lawns, renovate existing ones or to patch bare spots.

PROFESSIONAL LAWN CARE – Don’t have time to mow? We provide professional mowing services for homeowners or businesses. We can also aerate and overseed.

MAINTENANCE – We provide a comprehensive range of maintenance services to keep your entire landscape looking its best year round.

  • TREE REMOVAL – If you have overgrown, damaged or diseased trees on your property that need removal, you need experts like the ones at our company. We are a professional company that caters to commercial and residential clients in and around Roanoke, VA and handle even the most complex and challenging tree removal jobs to industry standards. We are committed to providing our clients value for money and make sure that the tree is cut systematically. We will also grind the stump so that you have a clear space to use as you like. If needed, our team assesses the tree and provides their opinion on whether removal is necessary as well.
  • PRUNING – One of the most important things you can do to keep plants healthy and looking their best.
  • MULCH – There are many benefits and many types of mulch to choose from.
  • LANDSCAPE CLEAN-UP – We can also help with:
    • Weeding
    • Tree Work
    • Fall Leaf Removal
    • Seasonal Clean-up

DRAINAGE/EROSION SOLUTIONS – We can custom design a solution to address the drainage or erosion issue you are experiencing with:

  • PLANT AND SOD INSTALLATION – Roots of trees, shrubs, and sod can help stabilize soil.
  • HYDRO-SEEDING – A better option for seeding large areas.
  • GRADING/EXCAVATING – Soil can be cut from one area and used to fill low areas to direct water away from foundations.
  • DRY SWALES – Shallow depressions structured to collect rainwater and give it time to seep into the ground.
  • RAIN GARDENS – Designed to collect rainwater and storm-water runoff, rain gardens are usually planted with plants that can tolerate periods of flooding or dry spells.
  • MULCH – Depending on the slope, mulch or stone aggregate can help retain soil.
  • RETAINING WALLS – Walls of natural stone or segmented block can help retain soil.
  • SUBSURFACE DRAINAGE – Below ground drainage systems can help direct water away from foundations.

OUTDOOR LIVING – Do you enjoy grilling and dining in the great outdoors?

HARDSCAPING – Ground Up can install or custom build a wide variety of hardscaping features to add value, function, structure, interest, variety, and beauty to your landscape. We also repair existing masonry.

  • DRY STACKED STONE – Add the beauty, structure, and seasonal interest of stone to your landscape.
  • RETAINING WALLS – Would you like more level useable areas in your yard? Are there sloped areas in your yard that are just unsafe to mow?
  • DECKS/PATIOS – Extend your indoor dining and entertaining space with a deck or patio that compliments your décor.
  • STEPS AND TERRACES – Having trouble getting around in your yard? Need more useable space for outdoor activities you enjoy?
  • PAVER DRIVEWAYS/SIDEWALKS – Do you have cracked, raised, or sunken walks? Are your walks too narrow?
  • RAISED PLANTING BEDS – Want just a small patch for vegetables or small fruits? Why not add a raised bed?
  • ROCK GARDENS – With or without plants, a rock garden can help address erosion on a slope.
  • CURBING OR EDGING – Want to give your patio, walkway, or plant beds a more finished appearance?
  • PERGOLAS, GAZEBOS, AND ARBORS – Vertical elements can lend support to climbers or trailing plants or provide privacy or screening to your yard.
  • PONDS/FOUNTAINS – If you enjoy the sound of moving water, we can work with you to add water features such as bubblers or waterfalls to your landscape.
  • BOULDERS – We can install boulders of various sizes as accent features to your landscape.

HAULING AND PLANT DELIVERY – We can haul and dispose of landscape debris (downed limbs, trees, etc.) or pick up and deliver sod or plants from a local nursery for your DIY project.

EXCAVATION - Almost all landscaping projects involve some amount of excavation and digging. These tasks require proper planning and must be handled safely and expertly. Along with excavations for new landscaping and drainage installations, our company also provides similar services for landscape upgrades and extensions. We can assist you with the best solutions regardless of the nature and complexity of the task. Over the past 30 years, we have completed many projects of different types, and our team will recommend the best approach in every excavation and landscape project. We use the latest equipment and techniques in our commercial and residential projects to complete the job without any incident and on time. Please feel free to contact us and speak with a member of our experienced and skilled team about your requirements. You can rely on our skilled, knowledgeable, and proactive to deliver the highest quality services at the most affordable excavation costs.

GIFT CERTIFICATES – Ground Up offers gift certificates perfect for any occasion or choose the landscape service you want to give.

Providing residential and commercial landscaping services in Roanoke, VA, and the surrounding area for over 30 years – contact us for a free consultation to see how we can put our experience to work for you.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and surrounding areas in VA:
  • Blue Ridge, VA
  • Boones Mill, VA
  • Botetourt County, VA
  • Cave Spring, VA
  • Cloverdale, VA
  • Daleville, VA
  • Fincastle, VA
  • Franklin County, VA
  • Garden City, VA
  • Hardy, VA
  • Hollins, VA
  • Moneta, VA
  • Roanoke, VA
  • Rocky Mount, VA
  • Salem, VA
  • Smith Mountain Lake, VA
  • Troutville, VA
  • Vinton, VA