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Hydro-seeding estimates are now 10% off.
*Hydro-seeding estimates
are now 10% off.

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Commercial and Residential Landscaping Services

Want a greener, thicker, healthier lawn this year? Contact us today for your free estimate on seeding or sod installation or call us at 772-4722.

Seeding / Sod Installation

Seeding/Sod Installation

Having trouble getting grass to grow in those shady, wet, rocky or otherwise difficult areas? Tired of fighting the weeds in your lawn? Ground Up can help your lawn look its best whether you need to establish a new lawn, renovate an existing lawn or just patch a few bare spots.

Does your lawn or turf area have any of these issues?

  • Too thin
  • Bare or brown spots
  • Off-color
  • Too much shade
  • Too many weeds

    WHEN’S THE BEST TIME OF YEAR TO INSTALL SOD? FALL is the best time, especially for cool-season grasses (fescue, bluegrass, etc.). SPRING and WINTER are good times as well to install sod as there’s seasonal precipitation (requiring less supplemental watering for you to do) and none of the drying heat of summer that can kill turf.

  • Mossy areas instead of grass
  • Too steep
  • Too large

If so, we'll be glad to meet with you at your home or business to discuss your lawn issues and how we can best resolve them for you.

To Sod or Not To Sod, That Is the Question…

When you're trying to decide whether to have seed or sod installed, there are a number of factors to consider:

  • Timing – Do you have time to wait for seed to come in or do you need a lawn that looks great now?

    Seeding/Sod Installation
  • Slope – Sod is a much faster method, especially where erosion is an issue. We also offer HYDRO-SEEDING for large sites or steep slopes. (See our DRAINAGE/EROSION SOLUTIONS page for more ways to combat erosion.)
  • Size of lawn area – For large areas, seeding is a more economical method and HYDRO-SEEDING estimates are affordable. For smaller areas, sod is a quicker way to establish a new lawn or renovate an existing one.

    Landscaping Idea #4
    For Front Or Back Yards

    Areas Of High Maintenance That Are Too Costly Or Too Much Trouble To Maintain


    Front Yard: Have a plant bed or flower bed that is too expensive or too difficult to maintain? Consider replacing it with sod which is easier to maintain and looks good instantly.

    Back Yard: After removing a planted area that is no longer attractive or desirable, consider seeding the area – easier to maintain than the plant bed and less expensive than sod.

    For more landscape ideas, click here.

  • Difficult areas -For some areas, turf just isn't suitable or cost effective. If you have "trouble spots" where grass will not grow, we can recommend other "non-grass" options. For example, you can have a planting bed with low-maintenance plants selected for the growing conditions of the site. Instead of a "trouble spot" with thin grass that's been costing you a lot of time and money, you can have a beautiful border of groundcovers, perennials or shrubs.
  • Budget – We can discuss options to meet your installation AND maintenance budgets. For example, when installing a new lawn, you can opt for sod installation in those areas where you need an attractive lawn area the most (i.e.: at the front entrance to your home or business) and seed in those areas where you can wait for it to come in (i.e.: at the side or back entrances). We can also give you an estimate for the maintenance of the new lawn and, if that doesn't suit the budget you had in mind, we can discuss other options - prior to installation - for lowering the yearly maintenance costs.

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